Monday, August 3, 2015


USA/1980, 1983
Directed By: Phil Prince
Starring: Nicole Bernard, David Christopher, Martin Patton
Color/117 Minutes/X
Region FREE
Release Date: July 21, 2015

The Films
This triple feature of shorts from Avon Productions features some seriously rough and raunchy material from director Phil Prince. The first short, SAVAGE SADISTS features a porn distributor, his wife and a couple of employees being raped to pay off a debt he owes in his home and his office. Then in DEN OF DOMINANCE a man discovers the bar he has visited in Times Square is actually a front for a seedy S&M club which he willingly participates in. And finally a couple of young women find porno mags in their parents bedroom and begin to act out their fantasies on each other until they're interrupted by their parents who teach them a lesson they'll never forget in DAUGHTERS OF DISCIPLINE!

SAVAGE SADISTS lives up to its name as not only are the rapists vile but the savage nature even extends to two of the victims in the cheating husband and his mistress that works for him. A simple production that is just the right size to accomplish what it set out to do. I particularly loved the porn distributor asking his clients if they wanted their films on Beta or VHS.

DEN OF DOMINANCE would be the last picture shown on a triple bill, only for the last remaining heads awake at the midnight showing. That isn't to say it's a bad picture, simply the least interesting of the bunch but not short on the sex as once it gets going it doesn't stop until the film is over. If you're into leather and chains and like it just a little rough you'll be at home here.

They saved the best for last as DAUGHTERS OF DISCIPLINE is easily the kinkiest, dirtiest and least apologetic film of the bunch. From lesbian scenes, to bondage and incestuous group action there's no limits and nothing is out of bounds. It's so wrong but you can't look away. It's like a naked porno car crash... or something. There's even a surprise appearance from Natassia Kinski and a bizarre ending that feels like something out of a drug induced nightmare.

The Audio & Video
Vinegar Syndrome delivers this trio on DVD with full frame transfers as they were originally filmed. The picture quality is good throughout and it is obvious the source material had been kept in nice condition. Colors and clarity are quite good and I'm very satisfied with this release. The audio is a bit muddy at moments due to the original production of these films but the mono track sounds decent on each film.

The Extras
Bare boners.

The Bottom Line
These three shorts from Avon Productions is a wildly entertaining romp through sexy roughy territory and will undoubtedly please fans of vintage adult cinema.


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