Friday, September 4, 2015

THE YOUNG LIKE IT HOT/SWEET YOUNG FOXES (Blu-ray Review) - Vinegar Syndrome

Directed By: Bob Chinn
Written By: Gail Palmer, Deborah Sullivan
Starring: Hyapatia Lee, Kay Parker, Eric Edwards
Color/176 Minutes/X
Region FREE
Release Date: August 18, 2015
Limited Edition: 2,000 copies

The Films
The employees of a small town phone help line are at risk of losing their job to a new computer system if they can't persuade the bigwigs that they can provide services that no computer can. This instantly leads to phone sex with obscene callers who jack off over the line, getting fucked right in the office even while on the phone, and house call services that their callers have never experienced before!

THE YOUNG LIKE IT HOT is a rather funny comedy filled to the brim with sex. There's no shortage of incredibly attractive women including Hyapatia Lee and there's also some genuinely funny moments including a lewd caller yelling about "fucking your armpits!" This is an easily enjoyable good time from start to finish.

In SWEET YOUNG FOXES Laura (Hyapatia Lee) is home from college and bored out of her mind as her boyfriend is out of town. With little to do besides bicker with her stepmother Laura takes on the quest of finding herself and opens up a world of sexual experiences.

Far more a drama than the first film on this double bill, I found SWEET YOUNG FOXES a bit less fun. The stepmother drama bored me a bit but the scenes with Laura and her friends were energetic, youthful and exciting. Had this film taken a slightly less serious tone I think it could have been a home run like THE YOUNG LIKE IT HOT was.

The Audio & Video
Vinegar Syndrome please never stop what you're doing because these films are yet another example on a growing list of absolutely beautiful transfers. Sure, there's a bit of white and black speckling scattered throughout the film but that never becomes an issue or distracting and the transfers are otherwise spectacular. The rich grain structure keeps the original film look and feel while skin tones are healthy and natural. Colors are vibrant and look no further than Hyapatia Lee's red dress in SYF to see what the definition of "colors that pop" means. Good lord! The original aspect ratios are maintained in the 16x9 anamorphic widescreen presentations that have been restored with 2K scans from their original negatives and have likely never looked this good, maybe not even during their theatrical exhibitions.

As for the audio, it sounds crystal clear with a nice crispness and excellent mix job. There's no background noise or damage to speak of.

The Extras
-Interview with Bob Chinn
-Interview with William Margold
-Theatrical trailer for both films
-DVD combo pack release

The Bottom Line
In the world of adult films you likely have a winner with a pair of Bob Chinn films starring Hyapatia Lee. This release takes that winning combination and gives it the high quality release it has deserved for 30 years.

THE YOUNG LIKE IT HOT/SWEET YOUNG FOXES Peekarama Double Feature is available HERE

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