Monday, January 9, 2017

TABOO 2 and TABOO 3 Double Feature (Blu-ray Review) - Vinegar Syndrome

USA/1982, 1984
Directed By: Kirdy Stevens
Written By: Helene Terrie
Starring: Kay Parker, Dorothy LeMay, Jerry Butler
Color/191 Minutes/X
Region FREE
Release Date: November 29, 2016

The Films
The TABOO films are classic vintage American smut for a reason. They're well made, they're sexy as hell and they focus on characters we can relate to. Kay Parker starred as a sexually frustrated mother lusting after her college bound son in the original film which culminated in a wildly dreamy and satisfying scene. It was a fantastic film but there were so many more twists and turns a series based in incestuous fetish could take and so much more money to make that there had to be sequels.

TABOO 2 features Junior, a friend of Paul from the original film who has learned of his relationship with his mother and decides he is going to act out on his own lust for his younger sister. TABOO 2 is a lot more straight forward and even exploitative in that Junior damn near throws himself on top of his sister while groping, grabbing and rubbing her against her will. It all feels uncomfortable but eventually Sherry gives in to her brother's advances and can't get enough despite her parents finding out the hard way. And while they're fucking each other their lust spreads to their respective parents as Junior wants his mother, Sherry chases after her disapproving father who is disgusted and appalled by the entire situation.

TABOO 3 brings Kay Parker as Barbara back into a starring role but this time she is the object of her other son Jimmy's lust as he is jealous of his brother Paul's relationship with their mother. While that's going on her friend Joyce has totally accepted her sexual relationship with her own son and loves it and gives her the same advice when Barbara comes to her for help after she begins to crave Jimmy.

TABOO 2 and 3 may not have the signature artistic scene that the first film does, but it is dripping with everything else that the original film has. These films are sexy and kinky, they have solid scripts and competent acting to carry out believable films and not just fucking for the sake of fucking. The soundtracks are a bit funky and groovy and the direction from Kirdy Stevens shows more skill than just pointing the camera at a thrusting pelvis and calling it a day.

Despite Kay Parker playing a background role in TABOO 2 it may be my favorite of the three as it brings the fetish to new heights incorporating an entire family and brings a bit of humor in as well. Part three is held back by an unnecessary rock band subplot that does allow for more sex scenes but the entire angle doesn't do much to further the main theme of the series and that's the real reason anyone interested in the TABOO series takes the time to watch them. I can't say too much bad about these films though, even at their lowest point I still massively enjoy them and fully understand why they're held in such high regard for 80s smut.

The Audio & Video
Keeping their tracking record of beautifully preserving some of the finest vintage adult films alive and well, Vinegar Syndrome has once again released Blu-ray that is nothing less than stellar. The films have been given a new 2K scan and restoration from 35mm vault elements and look excellent. There is some minor spotting and the occasional age related line but that doesn't detract from the sharp, highly detailed and naturally colored image quality. Skin tones have a lush quality with no waxiness. The English DTS-HD Mono Master Audio mix is crisp and very well mixed. The soundtrack and the dialogue are complimentary and there's virtually no signs of damage or background noise.

The Extras
-Video interview with actor Blake Palmer
-Original theatrical trailer for TABOO 2
-Kay Parker's personal TABOO 3 script

The Bottom Line
These sequels take the incest kink ball that the first film introduced in 1980 and run with it, ramping up the sex factor exponentially. Maybe they're not the iconic film that the original is but they're a lot of sexy fun and shouldn't be ignored by fans of the first.


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