Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 12

Return Of The Living Dead Part 2 started out day 12 for me just where day 11 left off. I actually saw this movie about a week before the original because the first was already rented when I wanted to get it. That didn't matter to a boy just discovering this shit. All I can say is that it is definitely not as good but I love the shit out of it anyways. I just wish the DVD had The Ramones in the opening credit scene like the original cut did. Damn you music rights.

Next up was something as easily digestible, Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive. A silly, cheesy flick about machines killing humans thank to a meteor. There are some great scenes early on like a little league coach being killed by a soda machine. It drags a little but is fun enough to warrant multiple watches... especially when the day's theme is Stephen King.

Followed up by the infamous slasher Silent Night Deadly Night, the 3rd re-watch of the day. This has been a fun slasher to me since my friend introduced it to me about 5 or 6 years ago. Its still funny to think about the outrage it caused. Killer Santa Claus? OH NO!

I closed out day 12 with the 2nd episode of American Horror Story, which I still can't form a real opinion on. It is still walking a fine line in my opinion and could easily become really good or really bad. And the original 1910 short of Frankenstein was the last thing for day 12. If you're a fan of the source material or the classic 1931 version you need to watch this short (it's on youtube).

Today's Rundown:
Return Of The Living Dead 2 - 8/10
Maximum Overdrive - 6/10
Silent Night Deadly Night 7.5/10

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