Friday, October 14, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 14

I started off the day with a fantastic haunted house movie from 1980 called The Changeling. Directed by Peter Medak and starring George C. Scott it does such a great job of creating suspense and tension. The sound mix is incredible and will put your surround sound systems to work, and bring you to a state of curled up in a ball sobbing. The best part is? If you haven't seen it you can usually find the dvd brand new for under $5. Yea... no reason not to jump on that because you are missing out if you've never seen this one. Lights down, volume up and immerse yourself.

I then checked out Duccio Tessari's giallo Puzzle. The sex and violence factor is toned down quite a bit however the story is very solid and it builds to a nice climax. This won't create new fans for the genre however its a nice addition for jaded fans.

I finished off the day with a friend packed viewing of Santa's Slay. This is a rather silly movie. If you haven't seen it is pretty much summed up with professional wrestler Goldberg being an evil Santa and the fate of Christmas comes down to a game of Curling... Yea, I wish it came down to a game that mattered too. Oh well, this movie is hysterical.

Today's Rundown:
The Changeling - 8.5/10
Puzzle - 7/10
Santa's Slay - 6/10

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