Monday, October 3, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 3

I decided it was time to watch the original Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark for the first time, while the remake is still fresh enough in my mind to compare them. Ever since the remake came out I've been hearing it from everyone that I need to see the original and how it is one of the best made-for-TV horror movies ever. I found it creepy and a bit unsettling. It suffered from a much shorter run time than its remake though and there just wasn't enough time to really build the suspense and up the uneasy feeling. I don't think it quite lived up to the hype, but I did enjoy it.

I then moved on to the challenges theme of the day which was "Jawsploitation" which is pretty self explanatory- movies that rip off Jaws. I went with Sergio Martino's Big Alligator River which is a nice mix of killer animal and jungle horror/exploitation. It didn't do much to set it self apart from other movies of the sort but it was pretty much successful in being a fun, violent cash in on Jaws.

And to keep the cheese factor going I ended the night with 1986's Mountaintop Motel Massacre. A rather tame slasher film about an old woman who is deranged and kills a night's worth of guests at her motel after the death of her daughter. She uses everything from a sickle to snakes and roaches to get the job done. Nothing special here.

Today's rundown

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark - 7/10
Big Alligator River - 7/10
Mountaintop Motel Massacre - 4.5/10

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