Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 2

After a long night of celebrating a good friend's birthday day 2 started late, slow and feeling awful. All of the football games didn't help me watch any horror either. But I still managed to get 3 movies in, which is the daily average I try to maintain through the month.

First up was Moon Of The Wolf. This is a made for TV horror mystery from 1972. It was just plain boring. There was no werewolf until almost an hour in to the movie and none of the characters were interesting enough to carry the film. The climax was bland and pretty uneventful but it did have decent acting though.

I then decided to go for something short and I had been wanting to revisit Dario Argento's Pelts from the Masters Of Horror series. I think this is one of the better episodes the show had. It has some vintage Argento flare and style and Meatloaf is a madman. And you'll never hear me complain about Claudio Simonetti handling the music.

And to end the night I threw on I Am Omega, The Asylum's version of The Last Man On Earth and I Am Legend... I was expecting it to be really bad, and it was, but somehow not quite as bad as I was prepared for. It was a pretty uneventful day of viewing overall.

The rundown:
Moon Of The Wolf - 4/10
Pelts - 7/10
I Am Omega - 3/10

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