Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 26

I hate spiders but I do love Black Belly Of The Tarantula. This giallo from director Paolo Cavara will never be considered as shocked as the Mondo films he worked on but it is generally held as one of the better films from the giallo cycle, with good reason. The story moves along at a nice pace, the acting is good even from the 3 different Bond girls in the movie and Ennio Morricone's score is fantastic. After not seeing this movie for a good 3-4 years it came back to me the moment I heard it. While there isn't a ton of blood/gore to speak of the depravity of the murders will surely satisfy the gorehounds.

Next up was Meridian, essentially Full Moon's version of Beauty And The Beast. This wasn't a particularly bad movie aside from the fact that nothing fucking happens for an hour of the 80 some odd minute run time. There's an orgy of sorts in the beginning and a pretty hilarious looking "beast" running around but other than that it is just a whole lot of talking about a curse and "the lady of the castle". And the ending we all knew was coming finishes it out.

I then popped in Death Carries A Cane which I thought was a first time viewing but about 5 minutes realized I had seen it before... and only a few months ago. Oh, the toll this month takes on the brain.

So instead I ended the day with The Black Castle which co-stars Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney jr. Can't complain about that cast. It was a pretty good suspenseful revenge flick with the horrors of any Austrian Baron's castle... alligator pits, dungeons, poison, a deranged butler, a killer leopard from Africa. This was an enjoyable first time viewing.

Today's Rundown
Black Belly Of The Tarantula - 9/10
Meridian - 4/10
The Black Castle - 6/10

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