Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 5

Day 5 started right as day 4 ended and I decided to go with another film I had seen only bits and pieces of and that was Tourist Trap. This film was produced by Charles Band of Full Moon and is one of the better movies they have handled. It was creepy, disturbing and actually pretty good. Turning people in to mannequins while living as one yourself can apparently make for a good horror movie.

Apparently day 5 has a Full Moon theme because the next couple of movies I have lined up are both from the infamous low budget company. Decadent Evil is the story of a man in love with a vampire, a midget hunting her master and a weird shrunken man thing. It wasn't very good and I don't know what Charles Band's fetish for little doll sized people is all about but this movie sucked. No pun intended.

The last Full Moon movie of the day is my favorite of theirs and probably their best production. Castle Freak stars director Stuart Gordon's favorites Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton. A very gothic feeling movie that has great set pieces and atmosphere. This is in a different league than most other Full Moon movies.

Jean Rollin's The Grapes Of Death was next in line and while I think Rollin had a lot of talent he never quite put it together for me in a movie that I liked start to finish. This one did the trick, a nice infected crazies movie with some gross outs.

Sleepaway Camp was next on tap, a movie (and sequels) I enjoy watching each year. I think it's a pretty solid slasher even if it is predictable but that ending is unforgettable.

I finished the night off by watching the pilot to the new TV series American Horror Story. I can't really say much other than I'll need a few more episodes before I form a real opinion. It could easily go either way.

Today's Rundown:
Tourist Trap - 7/10
Decadent Evil - 3/10
Castle Freak - 8/10
The Grapes OF Death - 8/10
Sleepaway Camp - 8/10

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