Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 6

I wanted to end my night and start off day 6 with something familiar and lighthearted. I decided to re-watch Redneck Zombies. This 1989 zombie schlock from Troma is something that has been in my life for 15 years. It is part of the reason I love horror, bad movies and just plain stupid shit. This movie is bad, really bad. But I love it. It is made right near where I grew up and live, it was one of the first crazy horror movies I remember renting and is a lot of fun if you turn your brain off. Redneck Zombies will always have a special place in my heart.

Next up was another movie I have seen before and seen a few times. It is the highly underrated Dead & Buried. This movie is fantastic in almost every way. This is a genuinely creepy movie with tons of atmosphere. from If you've never seen it you probably should do yourself a favor and do so.

I decided to end the night with a pair of first time viewings from producer Val Lewton - Cat People and Curse Of The Cat People. The first is a moody thriller rich with shadows and great lighting. Very slow suspense with a pay off at the end. Curse isn't a bad movie but is almost unbearably slow. It doesn't play like at all like a horror film until the very end and by that point it sort of became a "who cares?" type thing to me. But it is a pretty good movie it just seems a bit messy in what it wanted to be.

Today's Rundown:
Redneck Zombies - 7/10
Dead & Buried - 8.5/10
Cat People - 8/10
Curse Of The Cat People - 6/10

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