Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 20

I can't believe we are already 2/3 of the way through October... The weather is just now getting where I like it. Nice and chilly, with all of the leaves changing. Unfortunately Maryland has been getting a lot of rain and humidity... gross.

I started off today very strong, 3 movies before going to sleep. It all started with Candyman: Day Of The Dead, the third movie in the series. I'm a fan of the the first two movies despite their shortcomings but this movie was nothing more than typical late 90s bullshit with the Candyman thrown in. Tony Todd was decent given what he had to work with but he is better than this. Even part 2 which a lot of people shit on was enjoyable for me and trumps this.

Next up was The Evil Dead. I needed something to wash the bitter taste of bullshit that Candyman 3 left in my mouth. This movie is damn near perfect, I flip flop on whether I like this or part 2 better but they're both fantastic. Anchor Bay did a phenomenal job on the Blu of this... such a shame they couldn't do that with some of the other great movies they had the rights to.

I delayed sleep another 90 minutes when I saw Leprechaun In The Hood was on FearNet. I'd never seen it and I'm not even much of a fan of the series but this one has always had a ridiculously hilarious plot so I had to watch it. It was more entertaining than it had any right to be. That said, it still was just cheap laughs... I'll take some cheap laughs though. Overall not bad.

After waking up I threw on Cold Eyes Of Fear, a giallo I'd been wanting to check out for a while. It was a bit different than what most people are accustomed to when they sit down for a giallo. No black gloved killers here. It was a tense and claustrophobic thriller that was done nicely. From the director of Inglorious Bastards (no, not Tarantino)

Then I popped in the Blu-Ray of Daughters Of Darkness but it was to watch The Blood Spattered Bride, which is a special feature on the disc. Another movie I'd been wanting to see. It was a cool, sexy spin on the Carmilla story. A young woman is being controlled and manipulated by a female vampire to do her dirty work... that is the main idea. This is a 70s Spanish production so you can rest assured there is plenty of boobs and blood.

The day comes to a close with And God Said To Cain. This is far from a traditional horror movie, however it is a horror movie through and through. Antonio Margheriti finds his way into my month long journey yet again with this spaghetti western that has it's soul (not to mention most of the actual movie) in horror. The story is a simple one of betrayal and the inevitable revenge. This is a staple of spaghetti westerns but here it is played out as Klaus Kinski's character is an apparition, paranormal entity or as one of his victims put it "it was a monster". The soundtrack is that of a horror movie, many of the themes are that of a horror movie and it is shot as a horror movie. It reminds me of John Carpenter's The Fog with a dash of slasher film thrown in. This is one of the more different movies I've watched this month and I'm glad I did. I got to enjoy two of my favorite genres at once. I really hope a nicer print than the public domain one that is available gets released.

Today's Rundown
Candyman: Day Of The Dead - 3.5/10
The Evil Dead - 9.5/10
Leprechaun In The Hood - 5/10
Cold Eyes Of Fear - 7.5/10
The Blood Spattered Bride - 7/10
And God Said To Cain - 7/10

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