Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 9

Another slow day of viewing here as the day started late (and hungover) and early in the afternoon I had to help move some furniture that took forever so only 2 movies on tap today. Day 9 was David Hess Memorial Day for me. The Last House On The Left and House On The Edge Of The Park. Both films are nasty, dirty and just plain mean. If you can't stomach rape revenge movies then you can pass on these titles. If you're into cruel exploitation movies than these are for you. David Hess is really great in both of these and the highlight of LHOTL for me. If you like these 2 movies be sure to check out Hitch-Hike also starring Mr. Hess. I apologize for the short entry but I'm exhausted and will be passing out any second.

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Lux said...

Last House On The Left is one of the best worst movies I've seen. I was surprised that it was Wes Craven (albeit early) because it is so far from his better known commercial work. They need to package the uncut dvd with a bar of soap, or maybe just a gun or some cyanide. I'm not criticizing the film, it accomplishes exactly what it set out to make viewers feel.