Monday, October 17, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 17

Two Evil Eyes started out the day. I watched the Blu-Ray from Blue Underground and my BD player decided to be a complete bitch with the disc. This is a 2 part anthology film with one entry directed by George A. Romero and the other by Dario Argento. Both stories are based on stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Romero's entry "The Facts In The Case Of Mr. Valdemar" is a mixed bag. It certainly has some creepy moments but isn't great by any means. It runs about an hour long but would be better suited around 45 minutes. Argento adapted "The Black Cat" and it is one of the more interesting and insane adaptations of the classic story. Both entries have a good amount of gore and there are some notable actors in the film like Harvey Keitel, Tom Atkins and Adrienne Barbeau. I like to give it a spin every once in a while. But damn was my player being a asshole during it. I guess its having it's time of the month.

And with Halloween just around the corner it was time to count down the days to it with everyone's favorite jingle in Halloween 3. This sequel having nothing to do with Michael Myers still gets mixed reactions but I'm glad to see it getting more and more love each year. Its nice to see people getting over the lack of Myers. This is a great and mean spirited movie for the season. There is excellent use of the original theme towards the end of the movie when Tom Atkins is in trouble too. Just a good movie to watch in the days leading up to Halloween.... 14 days til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween... 14 days til Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

And it was finally time to watch my favorite film ever - Suspiria. The Dario Argento classic about witches in a dance academy is insane, mad and beautiful. From the dizzying camerawork to the incredible score by Goblin this movie is just perfect. Can we please get a Blu-Ray over here? Please?

Two Evil Eyes - 7/10
Halloween 3 - 8/10
Suspiria - 10/10


Criss said...

the lack of a blue-ray for Suspiria is inexcusable. I was able to watch this in atheater abotu a month ago and was suitably excited. Great film!

Celluloid Terror (Seth Poulin) said...

I would love to see a 35mm print in a theater of Suspiria. I'm jealous.