Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 18

Today started off with checking out a TV show called Psychoville. This is a BBC production and I only watched one episode but it seems stupidly entertaining, at least for one episode at a time.

The movies got underway with The Mummy. Boris Karloff starring as Imhotep is fantastic. A true classic that belongs right up there among the most notable classic monster movies. It has several good sequels, including the first, The Mummy's Hand which is arguably even better. If you've never given this a spin you should.

I kept the classics going with The Invisible Man. I hadn't seen this movie in a long long time, to the point where I had forgotten much of it. I feel this is a severely underrated Universal movie. Or at the very least I don't see it talked about nearly as much as Frankenstein(James Whale directed both), Dracula, and even The Mummy. I've never seen any of the sequels so I look forward to watching them in the near future.

Moving on to Inferno, which I had wanted to watch last night right after Suspiria but was just too tired. This movie takes everything Suspiria did and shoves it to the extreme. Argento certainly didn't hold back here. It is the perfect follow up to Suspiria. And the climax is fan-fucking-tastic. It is worth watching for that alone. My love for this gets a little closer to Suspiria every time I watch it.

And Day 18 comes to a close with the best worst movie Troll 2. If you have never seen this well then we probably won't be friends. If you see it and can't appreciate it for just how insanely awesome it is and being inept we probably won't be friends. On a slightly more serious note, this movie is awesome. For all the wrong reasons maybe, but awesome nevertheless. I have a serious love affair with this movie. Oh, and the Blu looks damn good.

I didn't have a single first time viewing today so I'll have to start out day 19 with a couple.

Today's Rundown
The Mummy - 8/10
The Invisible Man - 8.5/10
Inferno - 9.5/10
Troll 2 - 10/10

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