Monday, October 17, 2011

October Horror Challenge Day 16

Before calling it a night I got in a movie early and it was one I tracked down a while back and had been wanting to check out. I knew Paganini Horror wasn't going to be great but it didn't really hamper my desire to see it. Director Luigi Cozzi was Dario Argento's apprentice for a while and you can see some of that in this movie. There are some cool elements to it, like the killer, some of the lighting around the old house and gore but the movie is executed really messy. The bad outweighs the good but I still didn't totally hate it.

After waking up I put the challenge aside for a much needed break from it. Football and friendship was the order of the day. And other than my fantasy team taking a collective dump and giving me my 2nd loss it was a good day. Ravens win decisively and fun was had. Not only did the break help me recharge my horror movie batteries but so did all of their excitement for the season premiere of The Walking Dead. It was a great start to the season and has set up some interesting paths that each character can take. I just don't understand why in every episode of this show the picture quality gets really bad in random spots. Anyone care to weigh in?

And the night was closed out with the Syfy channel original Roadkill. This is no different from most of these movies. A group of college aged Americans go on a road trip across Ireland and piss off some Gypsies while acting like total douchebags. They get cursed and a giant bird stalks and kills them. They also have trouble with the gypsies after they take a protective amulet from them and there is an awful lot of overly dramatic filler. It did a nice job of putting me to sleep.

Today's Rundown:
Paganini Horror - 4/10
Roadkill - 3/10

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wiolwaker said...

Aganini horror is not only likely to be the dumbest, but also the most tedious and tiring, the Italian horror films ever come to the display.I think it is not Horror, and it is not very Italian.
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