Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge Day 11-12

What better way to start off day 11 than with some Bruno Mattei cheese? The man behind such cinematic gold as Hell Of The Living Dead and Rats: Night Of Terror has made some incredible fun movies. Violence In A Women's Prison was no different. This WIP flick doubles as an entry in the Emanuelle series. The beautiful Laura Gemser is once again on display in this over the top violent, sexy, piece of wonderful trash.

Later I watched Schoolgirl Hitchhikers aka High School Hitchhikers. This movie is part of the Grindhouse Experience set that I was reviewing throughout the last 15 months and more or less gave up on... sorry about that. This one was directed by Jean Rollin who is definitely more famous for his vampire films. The one thing this has in common with those more popular and better films is the hot women getting undressed. Rollin had no shortage of women willing to drop their clothes for his movies, that much is for sure. This movie is pretty hokey and not very good but there are a few laughs and those boobies.

Many of you know that I love Dario Argento. He's my favorite director and I can find something redeeming in even his worst films. I have no shame for my endless love of the Italian director. This movie evaded me for a while since it was never released over here, and was basically made for Italians only. The Five Days is a period comedic history film about the Italian Revolution. I don't know much about the history of the movie but this was actually not bad. A huge departure from his other films that isn't highly regarded by anyone, it had quite a few laughs throughout and some trademark Argento violence. Not something I'll revisit often but I'm glad I have seen it and have a copy and happier that it wasn't bad.

Next up was another Last House On The Left ripoff... The Last House On The Beach. There isn't much to say other than it's not up to snuff with LHOTL or my preferred Night Train Murders. It drags on too long and the baddies never seem to be as nasty and cruel as they should be in a movie like this. Even when they're performing their dirty deeds it just doesn't have the same impact of the better films. It does pick up steam towards the end, and isn't an awful piece of exploitation but it's certainly nothing better than a 2nd rate knockoff.

Day 12 wrapped up with Caged Heat. This was director Jonathan Demme's debut. Another WIP flick that had its ups and downs. It was rather jumpy and went from one thing to the next without much reason why but it eventually comes together. Enough sex and violence to satisfy. Look for gothic horror queen Barbara Steele as the warden in this.

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