Saturday, April 14, 2012

Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge Day 13-14

Days 13 and 14, April 12th and 13th were solid ones.

First up was Jackson County Jail, which was on a double feature with the previous days' Caged Heat. This wasn't the greatest thing in the world. Basically a jailbreak type movie and trying to escape the law because they screwed you. Stars a young Tommy Lee Jones.

After that I needed a break from all the Women In Prison and rape/revenge type movies I had been watching so I threw on pure B-Movie gold with Jason And The Argonauts. Classic adventure story with timeless effects by Ray Harryhausen. This was a big change of pace from anything I had been watching and it really help rejuvenate me.

This day ended with Lone Wolf And Cub 3: Baby Cart To Hades. I spent the first 30 minutes of this movie trying to decide if I had seen it or not. It felt really familiar but if I had seen it I was too drunk to remember what happened so it was another first time viewing. Of the first 3 movies in the series this will be my least favorite. Not that it isn't good or entertaining, which it is, it is just lacking the flare of the previous entries which make them special. I still cannot wait to finish the series.

The next day started with an early morning viewing of Godzilla: Final Wars. What screams B-Movie more than guys in rubber suits, right? I love Godzilla endlessly so it was essential that I get at least one of the big guy's movie in the month somewhere. I had seen parts of this but never the whole thing in one sitting. It was cheesy at times but the Kaiju action made up for it. I think there is more 'Zilla on tap later this month.

Then I decided it was time to bust out the Russ Meyer films. Oh yes. First up was Cherry, Harry and Raquel. Gorgeous women and a lame story. I'm okay with that. Let's be honest, we aren't really watching Russ Meyer films for his abilities as a writer.

Double feature CHandR with Common Law Cabin. This was a better movie, with 2 incredibly hot women and 1 that wasn't so bad but was a much bigger cocktease than the first. Solid movie and a fun double feature.

The night ended with my first viewing of Ilsa: She Wolf Of The SS. If you knew of my early ventures into the nazisploitation genre you'd know why it took me so long to see "the" nazisploitation film. This is definitely the best of the genre that I've seen, which isn't saying too much. That said, it is cruel and deplorable and sexy and all the things we want from our nazis. An entertaining way to end the night.

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