Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge Day 15-17

The midway point of the challenge has arrived and it started out with Baba Yaga. This is a Euro-sleaze title basically about some lesbianism and an old witch. For every positive it had a negative and every step forward it took a step back. Not awful, but it would have been better had it decided what it wanted to be.

Later that night I went to see Cabin In The Woods with a friend. I've been trying to stay away from any sort of horror for this challenge but I couldn't pass up seeing this. The audio was really fucked up in the theater so there were points of dialogue where I have no idea what they said (free passes for a future movie though!) but the movie was fun. It embraced every horror cliche it threw at you and it worked. The batshit insane last 20 minutes is hilarious.

Day 16 started off in after getting home from a party and I threw on a title from Troma's On Demand channel... Video Vixens. Let me tell you this was the 2nd title I watched from there this month and it will be the last. Ugh.

During the day of being hungover I threw on a double feature of Class of 1984 and Class of 1999. Both were entertaining but 1984 was the clear winner with a more realistic sense of relevancy and being simply better made. 1999 is a solid follow up and really amps up the cheese factor. 2 different beasts that somehow fit together. If you've never seen them I definitely suggest you at least check out Class of 1984.

The 3 day stretch was rounded out with only 1 movie on the last day... I just wasn't feeling it. Crime Zone. A moderately entertaining movie about a guy and a girl who are living in an oppressive post-apoc society and want to move up a class but find out they've been screwed by the cops when they got their chance. It wasn't awful but my love for Sherilynn Fenn of Twin Peaks fame definitely made me like it more than I would have had she not been present.

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