Friday, April 20, 2012

Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge Day 18-19

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I needed some Shaw Brothers in my life to start day 18. I had planned for a double feature but only got to one. It's okay because the one I did get to was great.

Killer Clans has tons of weapon and kung-fu action, cool sets, good acting and stylish directing. And surprisingly no white power, ha! This can be held among the more popular top tier titles from Shaw Bros and it would be able to hold it's own.

Between God, The Devil, And A Winchester was a spaghetti western I'd been longing to see solely based on the title for a few years now. I love the title. The mental images I dreamed up from it were great. The movie itself... not so much. It wasn't terrible per se but it was a very bland western take on Treasure Island. The characters were boring, the story was boring, the gun play was almost non existent. The best part towards the end only last a few seconds and ends up not being noteworthy. Just like the rest of the film. Shame.

I'm catching up on some documentaries that I've been meaning to see about exploitation films. Machete Maidens Unleashed focuses on the films made in the Philippines in the 60s-80s, with a main focus on the 70s. This was well made and entertaining with contributions from many of the directors and actors that took part in those films, and the girls the girls that were so often naked in these treasures of the film world. Not to mention Roger Corman himself. Highly recommended.

The Warrior And The Sorceress started was the first movie of the next day. John Carradine starts in this rather unremarkable film. There is some crappy sword fighting and some not so crappy ladies running around topless (it just doesn't get old) and a couple little monster things. Yea... that's about it.

And then came what has to be the most fun I've had watching a movie for the first time in all of 2012 so far... at least. Lone Wolf And Cub 4: Baby Cart In Peril.... fuck this was good. Damn good. I liked 3, which I watched earlier this month but it's my least favorite of the 4 I've seen. That said I still enjoyed it quite a bit. This one just completely kicks the shit out of it. The story is great, the characters, new and old are all great. There is FANFUCKINGTASTIC fight scenes almost non stop with more arterial sprays than you'd believe. I'm so excited for parts 5 and 6. Yes! Yes! Yes!

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