Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge Day 22-24

Day 22 was spent totally out of the house hanging out with friends. It was a much needed day off from the murder, rape, cowboys and samurai that have filled the month.

Over the next 2 days I got back on track with 4 movies. The first of which was something I felt was necessary for the challenge and one I hadn't visited in a while. Fight For Your Life is a true piece of exploitation culture. Racism and violence run rampant and even the protagonists have a little bit of hatred in them. No one is free of hate's grip. This film will sit with you long after you're finished watching it. A truly great film, with a fantastic performance from William Sanderson.

I'd never seen a Death Wish sequel prior to this challenge. I actually haven't seen the first one in a long time either and I don't own it... I need to get on that. The triple pack with DW 2-4 had been awaiting me to bust in to it and I finally did. Death Wish 2 was just a pure tale of revenge. You fuck with Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) and he'll fuck you harder. A few familiar faces among the crowd too. As violent and vengeful as you'd expect.

Death Wish 3 was a bit more over the top with Bronson's Kersey character being a vigilante for an entire slum neighborhood. I love movies about "protectin ya hood" from the crime and grime that the cops will have no part of controlling. This is never dull and full of the same violence and bloodshed (though a bit cheesier in it's delivery). A few more familiar faces among the crowd here that are fun to pick out.

Finally I needed a change from watching Charles Bronson and needed something more attractive so I went with Private Duty Nurses from the Corman Nurses Collection DVD. It was a time waster before bed. There are attractive ladies but other than that it was fairly boring for the most part. Typical of the other 2 movies I've watched this month from the DVD set it involves a few young nurses getting involved in various situations inside and outside of the hospital. This is my least favorite of the set so far.

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