Sunday, April 1, 2012

Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge Day 1-2

As you know I've been gearing up for this challenge, similar to the horror challenge I did in October but with different content. Again it is being run through DVDTalk so you can head on over there if you want to join in on the fun. The challenge started on Saturday, the 31st which I didn't realize until about noon. I started things out with THOU SHALT NOT KILL...EXCEPT as you probably know, I did a review on the soon to be released Blu-Ray from Synapse Films.

After that fun I moved on to a documentary called Ghanian Video Tales which was a very interesting, if all too brief look into the video industry of Ghana. This is worth tracking down and is a very cool look at people making movies on their own terms for themselves.

Next up was RACE WITH THE DEVIL which stars Peter Fonda and Warren Oates in a Satanic horror car chase in an RV 70s romp. This was a fun watch but probably could have used a bit more action on either the carsploitation or horror side.

The last movie for day 1 was NECROPOLIS, a low budget 80s cheesefest released by Full Moon. The plot was something like a 300 year old witch comes back to NYC and rides motorcycles with zombies... it wasn't anywhere close to as awesome as that sounds. It was only 77 minutes long but felt double that and was rather boring until the final 15.

Day 2 started just as soon as day 1 ended. First up was the Roger Corman produced CANDY STRIPE NURSES, which is exactly what I needed after that time spent with NeCRAPolis. This is just a silly movie with attractive girls working at a hospital who get into all sorts of trouble and end up naked alot. Fun!

I fell asleep with SLAUGHTER PARTY, a 2005 Troma distributed title. That should have been warning enough to stay away... I'll leave at this- Don't ever watch it.

Finally I ended the day by watching DEBAUCHERY. I won't say too much about it right now because tomorrow the DVD review will be posted. It definitely lives up to the title.

As for now I'm off to get snacks and $ for WrestleMania tonight at a friend's place so the B-movies will have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry for not throwing up pics, I'm in a rush


MTaM said...

In regards to Slaughter Party, I lasted about 10 minutes before stopping it to watch something else. I usually try to hang in there in hopes that a movie gets better, but I just couldn't do that with this one.

Celluloid Terror (Seth Poulin) said...

It didn't get any better. Just worse and worse and worse.