Saturday, April 7, 2012

Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge Day 7-8

Day 7 didn't get started until late but I was still able to squeeze in 3 movies.

I was in the mood for some Shaw Bros. martial arts action to start things off and I went with Bells Of Death. I recently bought this dvd for $3 used at MovieStop that is more than likely a bootleg. The quality of the disc, aside from the awful looking menu, was good though. The movie itself was also good. A tale of revenge with plenty of action to keep the basic plot moving along. This had a very strong Spaghetti Western feeling to it. To the point where if you told me the director wasn't influenced by the genre I'd probably say someone was lying. Entertaining stuff.

Next up I decided that it was time to take the level of sobriety down a few notches and beers began to flow a bit more freely and the perfect companion was Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. This is a piece of 80s gold. A few girls and a couple of nerdy guys break in to a bowling alley inside a mall to steal a trophy to help the girls complete their pledge to a sorority. While doing so they open up a trophy that contains an evil imp, who proceeds to create demons and all hell breaks loose. The imp is reminded me of that Triumph The Insult Comic Dog puppet and it was hilarious. Plenty of fun and boobs and Linnea Quigley being a fucking babe. I was in the perfect mood for this and it was great.

Day 7 came to a close with Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver. If the title doesn't tip you off to what this is going to be than the fact that it's a Full Moon title should. Was it good? No. It was fucking stupid and the series had basically run it's course after the first film. I'll be Goddamned if these movies don't get me to laugh and have a bit of fun though. The beer is totally necessary for this, but if you're willing to turn your brain off for a couple of hours you can find some easy entertainment here. The opening is also a big "what the fuck is happening" moment.

Day 8 comes and goes with only 2 movies but they were good ones. First was a movie I've wanted to see for a long time, and by the time I got around to buying the DVD it was out of print. Thankfully Code Red who just switched to selling directly from it's website had 1 last copy laying around and I was able to buy it.

This would be the post-apocalyptic sci-fi/action trash movie Exterminators Of The Year 3000, directed by Guiliano Carnimeo who has had success in the SW genre (Sartana series) and giallo (Case Of The Bloody Iris). This isn't anything special or different from any other Road Warrior rip-off you may encounter but love these movies, and this one didn't disappoint.

The day ended with Blue Sunshine. If you've never seen it, you should. A well made low budget piece of horror and exploitation centering around people going mad and murdering other people from a drug they did a decade earlier. This reminded me an awful lot of Cronenberg and that isn't a bad thing at all.


DethRabbit3K said...

Sorority Babes is so good. I love that movie. Need to dig out my VHS again real soon.

Celluloid Terror (Seth Poulin) said...

Somewhat surprising it's not a bigger cult movie

Jrdnr87 said...

gingerdead man 3 is hilarious, the talking pastries, and ginger dick are worth the 5 bucks it cost