Saturday, October 28, 2017

2017 October Horror Challenge Day 22

Day 22 was one of revisiting old favorites for the most part. At least it turned in to that after I had to deal with CHEERLEADER MASSACRE. This Jim Wynorski movie is far from his best or most entertaining. Hell, it's far from entertaining. The best part of this movie is the recycled footage from Slumber Party Massacre used in the context of a flashback. Otherwise it's naked women getting killed in an unbelievably boring slasher. There's really no cheerleaders either, at least we don't see the girls doing cheer related things like shaking pom poms or you know, cheering. There's a better cheerleader related slasher from the 80s called Cheerleader Camp. And I watched a better snowy setting slasher film the day before in Iced. Watch those.

I needed a bit of positivity in my life so the next three movies were all old favorites like TROLL 2. I've talked about this film numerous times over the years so what else can I say. It's ridiculous and it makes the bad things in life go away for 90 minutes.

SLEEPAWAY CAMP is one of the best slasher films ever made. The kills are interesting and no two are alike, it has good character development and writing and the performances are believable. Oh and the ending that at this point everybody knows about. Well that ending was a world shaker the first time I saw it. And I first saw the Sleepaway Camp movies young. If you somehow haven't seen Sleepaway Camp and haven't had the ending ruined for you get off of the internet go find a copy of the movie and watch it! It's a fun movie from start to finish and I love it.

And for as good as Sleepaway Camp is SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2 is that much fun. The tone completely shifts from a serious slasher film to a tongue in cheek, campy affair (no pun intended) where the victims are disposed of in some comical but gruesome and nasty ways. There's a lot more humor and silly shit going on here like the "Happy Camper" song that is the perfect song to annoy your friends with all summer long. Or anytime of year for that matter. This movie holds a special place in my heart and I love everything about it.

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Caffeinated Joe said...

I only just watched Sleepaway Camp for the first time the other night. I cannot say I enjoyed it. It was only okay, at best. I think sometimes it makes a difference how old you were when you saw something for the first time. I might have enjoyed it much more had I seen it when I was a kid when it first came out. But, I kept putting it off for 30 plus years, and that made the difference. Glad you enjoy it, though! :)