Tuesday, October 10, 2017

2017 October Horror Challenge Day 8

Day 8, the day where nothing was amazing but then again nothing was particularly awful. The worst of the bunch was the first of the bunch, MURDERDROME. This Aussie production from 2013 features a lot of roller derby girls fighting with other roller derby girls about ex-boyfriends, on-rink beef and whatever else they fight about. Then the roller derby girls get to fight more roller derby girls... from hell. It's intentionally campy as you can imagine but much of the attempts at humor aren't funny and the acting is rough. The special effects are okay and it's not offensively bad. If you have a fetish for derby girls you might even enjoy the thing. Thankfully it doesn't last too long at 75 minutes and features a handful of decent kill scenes.

DEADLY DREAMS may not have been the slasher film I expected. Hell, it was barely the horror film I expected. The movie spends most of its time feeling more like a soap opera than anything else but it works for the psychological aspect of driving the main character to the brink of insanity mixed in with some sporadic moments of horror. I don't know why I liked this one, it's nothing special and the multiple twists worked for me but don't do anything new or surprising and there's nothing memorable as far as horror goes. There was something about it that I latched on to and enjoyed it a bit.

I finished with my favorite movie of the day which is made solely on the lead's performance - the 2003 remake of WILLARD featuring Crispin Glover as the titular character. Glover's performance is perfectly offbeat, sympathetic and creepy all wrapped into a rat burrito where he plays a brow-beaten mommy's boy with a shithead boss who hates him and fires him as soon as his mother dies. Willard gets revenge with his pet rats and then the rats take over and it gets as crazy as you think a movie about a thousand rats being led by a fat one named Ben and taking over a man's shitty life would be. The movie isn't very violent or gory, there's no nudity and it has a dark sense of humor. It all comes down to Crispin Glover getting the audience to care about him and we do. We might not want to hang out with the guy or get a beer with him after work but you can care about him and hate his boss who is out to destroy his life. R. Lee Ermey plays Willard's boss and is definitely an unlikeable dickhead but he's playing his same old Full Metal Jacket schtick that worked in that movie but feels so out of place here. That said, Glover is so great that I really did enjoy this one.

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