Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October Horror Challenge 2018 Day 19

The fun thing about these marathons is finding hidden gems and pleasant surprises. DEAD SHACK was one of those unexpected hits. This 2017 release is about a brother and sister and their friend who are travel to a run down cabin for a small getaway with their father and his girlfriend. The family encounters a nearby cabin where the owner is kidnapping people and feeding them to her undead family. The three teens in this movie have good chemistry together and the dad is genuinely funny. There's some gory moments and plenty of laughs to be had. I had good fun with this one.

Another fun thing about these marathons is finally getting around to check out movies I have either missed out on or simply put off for a long time like I did with BLOOD HARVEST. This slasher film is infamous for co-starring folk musician Tiny Tim as a weird creepy clown character and for doing some of the music. To my surprise he's actually pretty damn good in his role and I found the film to really work at being creepy and a bit weird. I'm glad this one finally has a nice home video release.

One of my main thoughts about JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER is that there was a lot of Jesse James and a good bit of Frankenstein's Daughter but it took a while for them to meet and even after they meet their stories take a bit for their stories to really meld together but this one was surprisingly competent even if it was longer than need be which made it drag. There's some goofy moments but the acting was better than expected and the story somehow made sense. It's still far too boring to give a positive review to but I expected this to be way worse than it was.

I finished day 19 with THE EVIL DEAD. What more is there to say about it than that? It's one of my favorite movies ever.

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