Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Horror Challenge 2014 - Day 10

My pace has slowed the last few days unfortunately. I'm hoping to get in some extra movies this weekend. We'll see how that goes. Until then, here's both movies I watched on day 10.

GIRL SLAVES OF MORGANA LE FAY wasn't anything different from what I expected. I thought there would be plenty of gorgeous women engaging in sexual acts heavy on erotic atmosphere with a bit of horror tossed in. That is exactly what it delivered. It ended up being a very one note film, satisfied in being largely the same film from start to finish. It wasn't bad, the dreamlike atmosphere was a bit unsettling, the performances were fine and of course the eye candy is always nice but it just never made anything special of itself.

Then came a movie I'll be posting a full disc review of in the coming days so I won't go too in depth here (sorry!) but I will say that KILLER MERMAID exceeded my expectations. Now, it wasn't great, but it didn't become a victim like so many other straight-to-DVD horror movies. Good performances, decent special fx, a couple cool villains and a play on a classic story ended up being a pretty decent monster flick.

Today's Rundown
Girl Slaves Of Morgana Le Fay - 5/10
Killer Mermaid - 5.5/10

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Did I miss how to win this gem? lol