Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Horror Challenge 2014 - Day 15

GUROZUKA is a 2005 Japanese horror film about a group of girls traveling to a lodge in the woods to rehearse for their film club. They find an old tape showing a masked woman murdering other girls and find out that seven years earlier girls had gone missing or ended up insane in this cabin from the film club. Eventually bodies and supplies start to disappear as the masked killer is back. GUROZUKA isn't very good. The mask worn in the film is creepy but aside from that its rather boring and uninspired. 

THE SLAVE isn't a horror film but I needed to review it so I counted it on my list. Sue me. Here's the full review of the gorgeous disc

AUTUMN BLOOD isn't a horror film either according to IMDB or some other sites but it is as much a horror film as many other movies of the sort. A full review of this one is coming as well so I'm not not going crazy on it here but it is a movie that had potential if the idea had been thought out and something actually happened. There can't be more than 500 words of dialogue in this entire movie.

Today's Rundown
Gurozuka - 4.5/10
The Slave - 7/10
Autumn Blood - 4.5/10

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