Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October Horror Challenge 2015 - Day 12

A pair of movies today and it started out with Time Walker, a 1982 mummy run amok movie set on a college campus run by James Karen who is probably most notable to horror fans from his fantastic work in Return of the Living Dead. This movie is perfect for only paying 50% attention to. If you have a paper to write, dinner to cook or clothes to fold, this is perfect for those situations otherwise it would be dreadfully dull and slow. Getting some work done helps move things along and lets you accomplish something. That's not a good sign to the movie but doing that made it not as bad as I know it would be.

Lady Frankenstein is a female approach to the Frankenstein mythology that borders on sleazy. Rosalba Neri stars as the surgeon daughter to Dr. Frankenstein and after his death she brings his work to a whole new level and with even more questionable tactics. A worthy entry into the history of Frankenstein films with a monster that has a distinct look, even if its a bit cheap. The set pieces are nice, performances are decent and Neri isn't the only pretty lady on board. Frankenstein fans will want to check this one out.

Today's Rundown
Time Walker - 4.5/10
Lady Frankenstein - 5.5/10

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