Sunday, April 14, 2013

Exploitation Challenge Giveaway - Screenshot Contest

This is the 2nd giveaway of the month, and hopefully there will be one more after this one! This contest will take a little more effort than the first giveaway on Facebook, but there are chances for multiple entries into the drawing.


ART OF THE DEVIL 2 DVD box set double feature!


In honor of this being the Exploitation Challenge month I have gathered a group of images from different movies. Each of these 7 images is from an exploitation film I love of all sorts of different genres, from sexploitation, to spaghetti westerns and post-apoc trash. It is your job to identify the movie the image is from. For EACH correct answer you get you'll receive one entry into the random drawing for the prize. For example, if you are able to identify 3 screenshots your name will be entered 3 times, if you can identify all 7 your name will be entered 7 times. The more you get correct the better your odds but it only takes one to win.

To enter send your full name and address, along with your answers to with the subject "Screenshot Contest". 1 entry per person, so get all of your answers together before submitting the email! The contest will close on Sunday, April 21st and winner will be notified by email.










SterlingBen said...

I know most of these but I also went to FYE :P

Celluloid Terror (Seth Poulin) said...

Can't pass up a deal! The next giveaway will be something not from FYE ;)

Celluloid Terror (Seth Poulin) said...

Contest is over. Winner announced on Facebook.

Correct answers: The Big Bird Cage, Supervixens, 2019 AFter The Fall of New York, Keoma, Maid In Sweden, To Be Twenty, 5 Deadly Venoms