Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Horror Challenge 2012 - Day 13

Day 13 started with a viewing of THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. This 80s slasher is a among the better horror films of the 80s in my opinion. It isn't anything that will blow your mind with a story but it is presented with class and quality while keeping all of the slasher conventions in place to satisfy the fans. Plenty of boobs and blood but it doesn't come off as cheap as the lesser titles of the decade do.

Next up I was able to check out THE CREEPING FLESH in HD thanks to Fearnet. Starring the dynamic duo of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing this non-Hammer Hammer film is pretty great. The team stars as half-brothers who are both learned doctors in different fields. Cushing believes he has found the essence of pure evil and Lee plays a villainous, deceiving man hellbent on receiving a famous award no matter who has to pay the price or gets in his way. I need to pick up the DVD of this.

And finally a buddy and I went to a theatrical showing of SINISTER. I was impressed with the positive reviews this film has been receiving for weeks leading up to its release and it looked like it had the possibility of being worthwhile, so more or less on a whim we decided to see it. The theatre was packed, quite possibly sold out. Usually this means I'll be extremely pissed off by the end of the show since in 2012 it is nearly impossible to get a full crowd to be respectful. Despite a few minor annoyances the crowd was actually pretty good, and they had a lot of fun falling for every jump scare. All 500 of them. I'm not even sure that number is that much of an exaggeration. Jump scare after jump scare, the vast majority of them being served up on a platter for us to know they're coming. This was basically an excuse to make a movie that is one big jump scare. Take away the fact that my buddy jumps at all of them and the kid sitting next to me was not more than 13 years old and was having a seriously stressful time and these jump scares would have become obnoxious. In fact they still were, it was just that I had entertainment on each side. The soundtrack was just awful. Either random bass tones and random sounds or an annoying drum track the entire time. None of it fit. The effects makeup looked like something I can do given a $50 budget at a Halloween store. The basic plot of the movie was okay, and there were a couple of solid performances but the movie was just crap. Total crap.

Today's Rundown
The House On Sorority Row - 8/10
The Creeping Flesh - 8/10
Sinister - 3.5/10

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