Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Horror Challenge 2012 - Day 30

 The 2nd to last day is here, and leading off the lineup is THE DEVIL'S RAIN. This is a ridiculous piece of cheese with a cast full of familiar names such as William Shatner, Ernest Borgnine, Tom Skerrit, and an early appearance from John Travolta. This film is a mess of plot involving a book of names that sold their soul to the devil, a big canister of souls, melting flesh that looks like a cross between The Stuff and wax and plenty of it, and Satanic imagery. While it isn't a masterpiece of cinema, director Robert Fuest, who did excellent work with the Dr. Phibes films, delivers a seriously entertaining piece of schlock that I will enjoy watching over and over again.

Next was a traditional yearly viewing of  TRICK 'R TREAT which has quickly grown to be one of my favorite movie watching experiences. The film is full of Halloween spirit and the intertwining stories around the small town create such a wonderful atmosphere. It is a cruel film but beautiful in its cruelty. Love it.

I then checked out the Blu-ray of  THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 which I recently picked up. The Blu is a nice upgrade over the DVD and the movie is still a lot of fun despite being a complete 180 in terms of tone from the original, which is a perfect piece of horror. For every bit of tension the original had this one has Bill Moseley dancing with a corpse and eating his own scabs. It is purely of its time and doesn't pretend to be the first.

And after trying 3 other Blu-rays that my player wouldn't play finally HALLOWEEN 5 did. I recently got this on Blu as well and wanted to check it out... I just wanted it to be tomorrow sometime. I decided that in the wrap-up/stats portion of the closing post for the challenge Blu-rays my player wouldn't play will now be a category. Its time to get a region free BD player anyways. As for the movie that I did watch, it looks really good in HD and I enjoyed it, as I usually do. It isn't good in terms of technical merit but I find it entertaining just like the rest of this series, even on the shit entries. It is funny that I watched this film for last year's challenge too and had what was probably my least favorite time with it. I must have just been in the mood for something else because I enjoyed it for the slasher it is this year, just like every other time I've seen it.

Today's Rundown
The Devil's Rain - 7.5/10
Trick 'R Treat - 9.5/10
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - 7.5/10
Halloween 5 - 6.5/10

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