Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Horror Challenge 2012 - Day 20

Day 20 already?

A viewing of DRACULA was in order to honor Bela Lugosi on what would be his 130th birthday. While the film is one of the lesser Universal monster movies of that time, it is still a classic.

There has been a lack of Paul Naschy this month and I fixed that with HUMAN BEASTS. It starts out as a crime flick but turns into a weird horror story with all sorts of random stuff going on. Man eating pigs and ghosts? Okay, sure. Not bad overall.

The day was wrapped up with COUNTESS DRACULA which is a quite mediocre Hammer flick starring Ingrid Pitt. How can you not love Ingrid Pitt even if the movie wasn't amazing?

Today's Rundown
Dracula - 7.5/10
Human Beasts - 6/10
Countess Dracula - 5/10


DethRabbit3K said...

I saw Countess Dracula at Drive-In Monster-Rama. I really enjoyed it.

Celluloid Terror (Seth Poulin) said...

It is rare that I didn't really enjoy a Hammer flick at least more than this so I'll reserve my total judgement on the film until I give it another shot.